Welcome to the NEW CHI CHI.

Fitted Shirt + rainbow printed mini skirt

2 for the price of 1


$19.90 AUD


Knitted Blouse


$9.90 AUD


Singlet with silk skirt. (one piece)


$14.90 AUD


Go Summer!

It may be winter back in Australia but hello SUMMER to the world!

Checked shirt
Free size.

14.90 AUD
RM 39.90

arrive within 5-10 days.

chi-chi yugata~! - Limited time!-

Going spiffy with yugata! the Japanese summer Kimono,
YUGATA for SUMMER for sale!

Don't mean to scare you guys off with the high price for the 1st item selling in the chichi blog however it is YUGATA from Japan and this is a once in a life time opportunity to get your own personal YUGATA!

You can wear it for occasions or Japanese wedding ceremonies going all spiffy with the chichi ohm in you!! :)

1 __________________ 2 __________________ 3

4 __________________ 5 __________________ 6

80 AUD

* includes the Japanese Clogs shown in picture.


*Don't mean to scare you guys off with the price but what you see is what you get!
wtfamitalkingabout =-=

Very suitable for vain pots to have a own personal photo-shooting sessions.

and the YUGATA will arrive at your door step by August 2009.

Contact liyin88@gmail.com for more information :)


Hello all you cheetah lioness out there :)

It is 3.30 am in a Monday morning and Architectural Practice exam is in 2 days and yet both of the chi-chi creators are wide awake coming out with 'bombastic' ideas to glam up our 'lamo' (lame) life. You may think that we are ostentatious now but hold tight! The LADY CHI-CHI OHM will be rockin' this flat screen rubbish of yours, SOON.

this is a new blog to unleash the potential chi-chi in you.
we provide cheap yet g.l.m.o.r.o.u.s LADY GAGA CHI-CHI objects OMG IAM GONA LAUGH DIE.


About The CHI CHI

SpiffyCHI-CHI is an online warehouse that sells both new and used current trends. We aim to bring to you good quality clothings and brands for the lowest retail price.

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Good sold here are currently for sale in Malaysia and Australia only. However, if you have a special request, we will try our best to accommodate and for fill your request.

We hope to bring you more choices as we expand.
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- Announcements will be made for the next "Garment Transfer". Please keep and eye out for it.

- Purchase of 3 or more pieces may negotiate for a discount.
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